Publications indexed in the ISI Web of Science

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15- M.E. Korkmaz, O. Agar, M. Yiğit “Cross section calculations of neutron induced nuclear reactions for 59Co nucleus using different level density models”, Cognitive Computation, 2017 (Accepted).

– The Other Publications

1- B. Karaçoban, L. Özdemir, O. Agar, G. Ürer, “An investigation on level structure of B I using configuration interaction methods”, International Journal of Physics,4(1), 43 – 52, 2011.

2- M.E. Korkmaz, M. Yiğit, O. Agar, “Investigation Of Reaction Cross Sections Of 10,11B With Protons And Neutrons Of 0 – 30 MeV Coming Energy Using Nuclear Models”, Balkan Physics Letters, 20, 201035, 293 – 300, 2012.

3- G. Konan Günday, B. Karaçoban, G.Ürer, L. Özdemir, O. Agar, “Forbidden transitions for low-lying levels in atomic Boron”, Pakistan Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, Serias A: Physical Sciences, 56, 24 – 29, 2013.

4- M.E. Korkmaz, O. Agar, A. Kaya, B. Emsen, Y.Uzun, “Measurement of Gross Alpha and Beta Activites in Mushroom Samples”,Cumhuriyet Science Journal, 37 (4) 325-328, 2016.

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